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MPA is an experienced company in the energy trading business. Our long-time worldwide operations allow us to provide our customers with outstanding service in trading, operations, chartering, logistics, storage, refining, and financing.

In MPA we are always developing our people skills in order to deliver new services to our customers.


Establishing long-term partnership is the foundation of our company

What makes us leaders in the business


MPA employees are owners of a significant part of the company, providing a stable and diverse shareholder base which give us a long-term view and a concise approach for taking risks.

The company is divided into committees, and all principal committees, including the Compliance Committee, report to the Executive Management Committee directly.


Strict policies and practices ensure compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations in the different countries MPA operates.

The Compliance Committee mission is to guard for the policies and their implementation and to report to the Executive Management Committee directly.

Risk Management

Correct risk management and understanding is part of MPA's business. Our employee ownership structure promotes capital preservation and responsibility.

Code of Conduct

The principles of respect and responsibility are the angular stone of our Code of Conduct.